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The only public news about Graf was the announcement of her retirement: the pain from injuries was proving to be too much for her to continue playing.

In fact, when TV cameras caught a glimpse of Graf watching from the upper-tier of the Arthur Ashe stadium while Agassi was beating Todd Martin for the U. Open title, unsuspecting journalists joked as to whether Graf had sufficient contacts to score a better seat.

When seen in public with her children, she is quickly judged to be a warm, cuddly mother who naturally converses to the kids in both English and German. Sandra Harwitt is a freelance sportswriter, covering tennis around the world.

Tennis: Today is the marriage anniversary of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.

From that initial coming-out party to now, Graf has emerged into a mature, happy wife and mother, putting Steffi aside for a more grown-up Stefanie.

And while at some level she could be considered a working mother -- she still has endorsement deals and a schedule of appearances -- she primarily relishes in the everyday routine of family life, in simple tasks such as dropping her children off and picking them up at school.

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Steffi still remains the only Tennis player ever, to win all four Grand Slams and an Olympic Gold Medal in the same year, which she did in 1988.

In April, asked you, the users, to name tennis' greatest living legends. We have been touched deeply by your life, you have made us better, and we will never be the same.

On May 5, we began rolling out your top five in ascending order, beginning with the "Rocket" Rod Laver at No. The remaining legends will be presented each day, until No. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the greatest person I've ever known."Graf, who unlike her husband is not in her wheelhouse in front of an audience unless she has a tennis racket in hand and a court underfoot, choked up throughout Agassi's heartfelt words and was atypically emotional as she accepted her enshrinement.

The history books will record for posterity, your ability to embrace and rise above adversity, to play through injury, and to win again, and again, and again.

No one has ever known you to be infatuated by your own accomplishments.

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