Hotchaat direct

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I think perhaps making it with soymilk would have rounded out the flavors better by bringing a little creaminess to the base.

Unlike with Daily Harvest, you don’t get to choose your smoothies, you just get what’s coming that week, so it may be hit and miss with your favorite flavors. Like a committed food scientist though, I sampled and slurped 10 smoothies, and tried to note every itsy bitsy significant detail, which allows me to rank them for you below from worst to best. It was really kind of horrible, and I didn’t even finish it.

The creaminess was quite pleasing and surprising to me, and I really can’t believe it has an entire yellow squash in it.

This recipe had the longest list of ingredients (7) and the most calories at 233 per serving, which may contribute to it making #1 on my list.

This smoothie came out of the blender a little chunky from the nuts and raw carrot, but that didn’t detract from the agreeability with my tongue.

It was sweet, likely mostly from the (frozen) pineapple.

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