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Parental leave in Germany may seem amazing, but it is also complex and can be confusing, especially to a foreigner.In this week's Job Talk, The Local brings you a guide to what working mums and dads can expect.These maps serve as “snapshots” to the parish districts as they existed at that time.Parishes were defined by the town to which they were assigned, and vice versa.

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Grandparents and other family members can also take parental leave under certain circumstances, for example if the parent is a minor. Mothers are entitled to full pay during the six weeks before, and eight weeks after, the birth, known as "mother protection time".Both parents can claim parental benefits - if they are on leave during the first 12 months after the child's birth, along with two extra "partner months" of benefit if the couple claims jointly rather than separately.The benefit is calculated at 65 percent of the parent's previous monthly salary, though it gets boosted slightly if they were earning €1,000 or less.Mothers, meanwhile, also have six weeks of compulsory paid leave before the birth and eight weeks afterwards.This is extended to 12 weeks following premature or multiple births. The parent intending to take time off work must apply seven weeks in advance, and must limit their periods of leave to two during the three years - but each period can be as long as they want.

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