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In the past, sexual and interpersonal violent crimes and violations have been rarely reported.The best data we have show that the majority of such violations are never disclosed to anyone, let alone police or college officials, and that reporting percentages are even lower in same-sex violence.Societally, the reporting level is low, and that applies to sexual violations in college as well.As shown below, at the beginning of the reporting curve, the number of violations is much higher than the number of reports.The Clery Act requires institutions to report certain delineated crimes occurring in specifically defined geographic locations in the previous three calendar years, and to maintain policies to properly respond to crimes and violations.

Lasting effects of teen dating violence can be witnessed after a length of time and may roll on into the adult years depending on the magnitude and extent of abuse.

Teen dating violence is linked to the advancement and deterioration of mental health conditions.

These conditions include: depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), fretfulness, obsessive compulsive disorders, substance abuse and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders in adults (Cutter-Wilson & Richmond, 2011).

The short-range effects can have lasting consequences if not dealt with accordingly and in due time.

Teens that face these short-term effects may find it difficult to start new relations with their age groups and are mostly emotionally dependent.

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